Soutien aux grévistes de l’université de Liverpool

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Solidaires, sud éducation et SUD Recherche EPST ont adressé un message de soutien aux grévistes de l’université de Liverpool.

Union syndicale Solidaires, SUD Education and SUD Recherche EPST support the
action fighting for jobs at the University of Liverpool

We join the University and Colleges Union (UCU), Trade Union Congress (TUC)
and students of the University of Liverpool in their 30 days of action
against the plan to sack 47 health and life scientists.

Scientists are not supposed to « bring money » to the University. We hold the
senior management responsible, and we support every form of action that
students and employees will decide to take until no job is threatened,
including the July 10 demonstration through Liverpool City centre.

In total solidarity,

Union syndicale Solidaires, SUD Education, SUD Recherche EPST (France)

Nos camarades nous ont immédiatement répondu :

Thank you very much for your timely message of solidarity. The strike
remains strong and very democratic. There are zoom strike meetings every day
attended by over 100 (often more) and many actions are undertaken. There is
huge solidarity from UCU branches across the UK as union members see the
Liverpool fight as nationally significant, if employers at Liverpool can get
away with this, it can happen everywhere.

There is a great deal of rising solidarity in the trade union movement in
Liverpool, Merseyside and elsewhere.

When your message was put in the UCU strike WhatsApp (has 216 participants -
almost impossible to read every message it is so lively) - a first response
was Vive la France !

We could add La Commune n’est pas morte ! Vive la Commune.

En solidarité totale aussi à Solidaires

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site de L’UCU Liverpool, membre du réseau syndical international de solidarité et de luttes.


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